URBAN is a popular grass product which is suitable for various applications. A great value and extremely durable all rounder grass for sport fanatical kids and high traffic areas. Its fibers have a strong ‘C’ shape filament in two tone greens with a brown curl.  Due to Urban's hardwearing yarn, it spring back to its original shape after excessive play activities.

30mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty

A Hardwearing Product For High Traffic Gardens

ESSENTIAL is a high pile grass product with the most natural look.  Manufactured with a super soft high-density yarn with a root effect, green / beige, which gives it greater naturalness and realism.  An ideal product for anyone who wants a luxurious lawn.                                                                                                                                                                                               

38mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty 

A  Super Soft Natural-Looking Grass 

LAWN is the ideal product for those who want an attractive and natural looking product, which also scores great on density and resistance . 
A perfect grass type for a family garden with pets and kids. 

40mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty

A Best Seller For Pet Owners

Pro Putt is a premium golf putting surface is made from a 100%  quality nylon yarn. This non-infill surface offers fantastic ball rolling characteristics to replicate playing on a natural grass green.  A two tone green yarn gives a natural appearance whilst providing an extremely durable and consistent putting surface.                                                                                                                                                                                      

14mm Non- Directional Nylon Yarn

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty 

Designed by Golf Course Builders for Putting Greens