URBAN is a popular grass product which is suitable for various applications. A great value and extremely durable all rounder grass for sport fanatical kids and high traffic areas. Its fibers have a strong ‘C’ shape filament in two tone greens with a brown curl.  Due to Urban's hardwearing yarn, it spring back to its original shape after excessive play activities.

30mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty

A Hardwearing Product For High Traffic Gardens

ESSENTIAL is a high pile grass product with the most natural look.  Manufactured with a super soft high-density yarn with a root effect, green / beige, which gives it greater naturalness and realism.  An ideal product for anyone who wants a luxurious lawn.                                                                                                                                                                                               

38mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty 

A  Super Soft Natural-Looking Grass 

LAWN is the ideal product for those who want an attractive and natural looking product, which also scores great on density and resistance . 
A perfect grass type for a family garden with pets and kids. 

40mm Pile Height

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty

A Best Seller For Pet Owners

Pro Putt is a premium golf putting surface is made from a 100%  quality nylon yarn. This non-infill surface offers fantastic ball rolling characteristics to replicate playing on a natural grass green.  A two tone green yarn gives a natural appearance whilst providing an extremely durable and consistent putting surface.    

14mm Non- Directional Nylon Yarn

European Made With 10 Year UV Warranty 

Designed by Golf Course Builders for Putting Greens

Our products are 100% made in Europe and is also bound by strict European regulations to guarantee all our products are safe and of premium quality unlike many products imported from the far east and sold on the market here in Ireland. Our entire collection is produced in advanced production facilities in Europe. From raw material selection, to extruding our own yarns and conducting extensive quality checks –  Our manufactures control every step in the manufacturing process, resulting in high-quality artificial grass at an affordable price.